Our Story

Lily and Kate are a mother and daughter duo that LOVE jewellery. Kate started designing and creating jewellery for her own personal wear. She is lucky to have her gorgeous daughter Lily as a hard working assistant.

Lily and Kate share a love of colour, pretty beads, patterns and art and this was the inspiration for Lily & Kate Jewellery. They create colourful, playful and contemporary jewellery that is designed to make you feel happy. Their aim is to help you PUT ON YOUR SPARKLE.

Kate's background includes a Bachelor of Design and Masters of Marketing. She has been making jewellery for more than 20 years from a range of materials including resin, silver, wire and beads.

Lily & Kate Jewellery also offer a jewellery customisation service, so you can dress your way, and create jewellery that is unique to your style.

Browse our online shop and PUT ON YOUR SPARKLE!

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